by Stephen King
Il 22 novembre 1963 tre spari risuonarono a Dallas, il presidente Kennedy morì e il mondo non fu più lo stesso. Se fosse possibile cambiare la storia, tu lo faresti?

Jake Epping è un tranquillo professore di Lisbon Falls, Maine, e il suo posto preferito per fare quattro chiacchiere è la tavola cald
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Enrico Tassinari's Review

Enrico TassinariEnrico Tassinari wrote a review
What a novel! WHAT A NOVEL!!
I want to pay my respect and give my thanks to Stephen King. He has been able to explain me in 30 hours of listening the true essence of writing: to create a world where you are accompanied to the treshold of and left alone to wander, and wonder, the kind of magic that written words are able to accomplish.
When you listen to an audiobook for 30 (!) hours and you keep on thinking that 30 hours aren't just enough, that you'd like it to go on a bit more, just a bit more, then you understand why books, literature, novels, romance are things that make lives better.