Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant

Employee, Self-Employed, Business Owner, or Investor...Which Is the Best Quadrant for You?

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"What is the difference between and employee and a business owner? Why do some investors make money with little risk while most investors just break even? Why do most employees go from job to job while others quit their jobs and go on to build busi

Wrote 3/18/08

This book let me understand the concept of "Financial Freedom".

The Cash Flow game is a very good and interesting game. We enjoy it very much. We welcome new freinds to join us.

Wrote 10/19/07

I finally find out how to achieve finanical freedom from this book! I would like to share with other.

Even more incredible that the 1st book

Wrote Jul 09, 2017, 04:30
不斷的奮鬥, 你將會成為一種人, 停下來, 你也會成為另一種人, 只是這兩二者絕不是同一種人。
Pag. 186
Wrote Jul 09, 2017, 03:39
你的利潤是在你購買時, 而不是賣出時產生的。
Pag. 175
Wrote Jul 09, 2017, 03:30
整個世界只從窮人、弱者、和沒有財務知識的人那裏獲取財富。 如果你有太多債務, 世界就會拿走你所有的東西, 你的時間、工作、家庭、生活、信心, 然後拿走你的尊嚴。
Pag. 171
Wrote Jul 09, 2017, 02:00
一般人在投資時, 95%是靠眼睛, 僅5%是靠頭腦。 如果你想成為象限右側的B和I 那樣的專業人員, 你需要訓練眼睛只佔5%, 而頭腦佔95%。
Pag. 158
Wrote Jul 09, 2017, 01:54
財商知識不是你能賺多少錢, 而是你能保有多少錢, 錢為你工作的努力程度, 以及這筆錢能維持多少代。
Pag. 158

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