by Deon Meyer
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Gloriafeit 's Review

Gloriafeit Gloriafeit wrote a review
Benny Griessel, suffering the pangs of alcoholic abstention, rises to the occasion in this murder mystery after having pretty much messed up his career in the South African Police. He is a member of the elite Hawks, the nation’s top murder- and-crime investigating unit and is confronted by the killing of two bodyguards and the kidnapping of a highly respected British mathematics professor. Benny and his team learn that the murderer leaves behind bullets and jackets with the picture of a Cobra and the letters “BN” on them.

The investigation is complicated by two factors: First is the presence of a young pickpocket who plays a crucial role in the affair. Then, the Hawks are called off by the intelligence services and even higher-ups. Nevertheless, the investigation into the identity of the Cobra proceeds and Benny proves his ability, as in previous cases.

Deon Meyer has written several excellent earlier novels in the series featuring Benny Griesel, all set in South Africa. The author portrays the country, its politics and its history with accuracy. And in this novel, Benny attains a level of humanness not previously seen, especially in relation to his lover, Alexa. Can’t wait for the next one!

Highly recommended.