La gran estafa
by John Grisham
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La justicia no siempre se imparte en el tribunal. Mark, Todd y Zola decidieron estudiar Derecho en Washington para cambiar el mundo, para hacer de él un lugar mejor. Pero ahora que están en el tercer año, se dan cuenta de que han sido víctimas de un fraude: pidieron un cuantioso préstamo para estudi... More

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Kin YipKin Yip wrote a review
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Towards the end, I felt so intrigued that I couldn't even stop reading even after returning to my office. The author shows some mercy on the three protagonists at the end (that they're not caught by the FBI). It's only in the last line of the novel that it becomes very clear why the book is called "The Rooster Bar".

Looking back, the pace of the novel has not been of the best kind. I was hoping for the "David against Goliath" right from the beginning but it certainly didn't happen. I almost felt impatient while reading it, even though I kept reading and I finished in less than 3 days.

In "AUTHOR'S NOTE" (at the end of novel), the author told us that he got the idea of this novel from Paul Campos' article "The Law School Scam" in the Sept. 2014 edition of The Atlantic. I do admire the author's ability to make up stories out of the realities. The other one that I've remembered well is "The Appeal" which I heard from TV that something like what the author described in that novel did happen later. Apart from the law school scam, this novel has also described about the dire straits for illegal immigrants who were arrested for deportation. Probably we should give books like this for people who contemplate illegally immigrating into US.

It's a pity that Mark, Todd and Zola have had to escape from US to Senegal. I'd have regarded the author much more highly, if the protagonists in this novel could continue to live legally in US and come out unharmed after all their guilt :-)

p.194 (2nd line from the bottom), "Todd" should be "Mark" as Mark went home then to talk with his mother.