Tokyo Blues
by Haruki Murakami
Per le strade del centro di Tokyo, affollato crocevia di solitudine, Toru e Naoko, un ragazzo e una ragazza non ancora ventenni, camminano insieme in silenzio. Non sanno cosa dirsi, o forse hanno paura, parlando, di sfiorare il segreto che li tiene sospesi in mezzo alla folla: il ricordo di una scon... More

Lucio Sman 's Review

Lucio Sman Lucio Sman wrote a review
A thrilling romantic-psychological novel, telling us about a boy who's in a mix about his sexuality, in a messy Japan torn by political warring factions.
A delicate viewpoint about physical and psychological attraction that interlace, giving rise to doubts but also happiness.
Of course, to read this novelyou must get the meaning of the suicide according to the Japanese culture.
The book has been written in Greece and Italy and the Mediterranian climate influenced the author for sure.
However, in my opinion this book can show everybody some precious aspects of the Japanese culture, but, more than anything else, about love.